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Please note that in order for the domestic rates to be applicable the Sri Lankan Identity card or the local resident VISA should be produced upon check in at the hotel. In case of group bookings, please note that individual room guest will have to produce the above mentioned identification in order for domestic rates to be applicable.


If you are a Sri Lankan resident visa holder please click on the "Sri Lankan" tab and proceed further.

Geoffrey Bawa

Heritance Kandalama was built by Sri Lanka’s greatest architect, Geoffrey Bawa. He began his career as an architect at the late age of 37 (he originally trained as a lawyer in England). However, in a career that continued for nearly 40 years, he came to be regarded as the most prolific and respected architect Sri Lanka has ever produced.

Bawa was a genius at blending buildings with their natural environment, interconnecting outside spaces with the inside. As the Geoffrey Bawa Trust puts it:

“Bawa’s work is characterised by a sensitivity to site and context. He produced ‘sustainable architecture’ long before the term was coined, and had developed his own ‘regional modernist’ stance well in advance of the theoreticians. His designs broke down the barriers between inside and outside, between interior design and landscape architecture and reduced buildings to a series of scenographically conceived spaces separated by courtyards and gardens.”

At Heritance Kandalama Bawa created an austere building that derives its beauty from the surrounding landscape. The simple geometry and lack of decoration help to highlight the natural environment.

When he first built the hotel, he told the staff that one day it would peer out from under a canopy of lush vegetation. The staff didn’t fully grasp what he was describing. Ten years later, after Bawa was long gone, the staff say he had described the hotel exactly as it is today.

Bawa’s buildings are not just bricks and mortar, but the expression of intangible emotions. Heritance Kandalama is the living embodiment of Geoffrey Bawa’s architectural vision.
His best known works are Lunuganga (his own garden in Bentota that he designed over a 40-year period), the Parliament of Sri Lanka and the Madurai Club in India. He also designed three of the Heritance Hotels – as well as Heritance Kandalama, he was the architect of Heritance Ahungalla and Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara.

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