Anantharavi Thilainathan – Yoga Arogya Kendra

Anantharavi Thillainathan – ORGANIZATION: Yoga Arogya Kendra – Affiliated with International Yoga Federation (World Wide Yoga Governing Body).

Aanantharavi Thillainathan (M.D.Acu. /E.R.Y.T. / I.Y.R.T. / D.Y.T.) from Yoga Arogya Kendra, is an inspiring yoga master, having grown up with yoga and Ayurveda as a part of his family tradition. At the age of 10 he got his first yoga training in Hatha Yoga from his grandfather. He has mastered advanced asanas and has deep knowledge of the anatomical effects of yoga. He is an instructor for yoga and Ayurvedic Marma Massage, has taught yoga at various institutions, and is the director of Yoga Arogya Kendra in Sri Lanka.

He guides students to learn and work into poses safely, with adjustments given as needed according to their abilities and the time needed to progress with their strengths and weaknesses. He offers classes tailored for different needs: developing more flexibility and mobility for stiff bodies; meditation for those under stress; or encouraging stretching for those training with weights.

He has been teaching Patanjali, Hatha and Kriya yoga since 1993 to corporations and thousands of individuals in Sri Lanka . His main focus while teaching is to get in touch with the deeper aspect of one’s self, “ones spirit”, not just to do exercises. His style of teaching incorporates sounds and vibrations, preparation exercises, movement, and breathing techniques. His broad experience and direct personality enables him to meet people´s needs and show them where they need to go for optimal growth.