Ayurveda Treatment

The fundamental principle of our treatments is based on total Relaxation, Detoxification and Rejuvenation of your body and mind.

Deepana, Pachana – Increasing Appetite & Digestive Energy in the body

Shodana, Shamana – Detoxification and Neutralization of Toxins

Rasayana – Body Rejuvenation

Mano Santharpana – Relaxation and Psychological Rejuvenation

Slimming Program
Includes special treatments such as herbal powder massage, ayurvedic diet program, acupuncture and slimming tea.
Stress Relief Program
Including various relaxation treatments, with main therapy being Shirodhara (liquid on forehead). Also includes Shirolepa (herbal head pack), Shirovasti, and Sarvangadhara (full body oil pouring treatment).
Rejuvenation Program
A detoxification and regeneration program using herbal medicines to increase body energy and immunity with Pinda Sweda (milk rice and herbs pack) to improve exibility and stamina