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A special introductory Ayurveda package for those who are with restricted time schedules. (Program duration varies from 3 – 6 days) This Ayurveda Package is specially designed for you to have an insight into Ayurveda and to have an idea of how Ayurveda can be beneficial to healthy life in the long term. A total of 3 relaxing Ayurveda therapies from a selection of Head Therapy, Face Therapy, Foot Therapy, Synchronized body Therapy, Intense body Therapy are administered along with a Herbal Bath or a Herbal Steam Bath during a 2 hour session in a day.

All treatments are done either in the morning or evening sessions to ensure a complete half day free for relaxation or other activities/excursions.

Daily Yoga free of charge


The minimum stay should be one week, however it is recommended a minimum period of 2 weeks for better effect. “Ayubowan” Package has three different Treatment Programs to choose from.

  1. Ayubowan Slimming Program (Weight management Program) (2 weeks Minimum stay)
    This is a Panchakarma based treatment program which helps to reduce excess body weight. It includes special treatments such as Udwarthana – Herbal Powder massage, Langana – Ayurvedic diet program, Acupuncture and Slimming Tea.
  2. Ayubowan Stress Relief Program/Stress Management Program (2 weeks Minimum stay)
    A Panchakarma based treatment program with various relaxation treatments. Shirodhara is the main treatment of this package. It also includes Shirolepa – Herbal Head pack, Shirovasti, and Sarvangadhara – Full body oil pouring treatment which helps to overcome stress, anxiety and burnout. Integration of Psychological support, practicing Yoga and Meditation will enhance the establishment of peace in the mind.
  3. Ayubowan Rejuvenation program /Rejuvenation package (1 week upwards)
    A Panchakarma based program with detoxification and regeneration of the body. It includes Herbal medicines to increase body energy and Immunity while Pinda Sweda (Milk Rice and Herbs Pack) to improve flexibility and stamina. Ayubowan literally means ‘live longer’. This is the concept in the resort with Body & Mind healing through professional Ayurveda Treatments, Yoga & Meditation and Heritance cuisine. “Panchakarma” cleansing treatment methods are the base of this package

Learn about Panchakarma

  1. Poorva Karma – Pre Actions
    This is the preparatory phase of a person for cleansing treatments “Panchakarma” to come at later stage. It is important to prepare a person in his Body and Mind with various treatments for several days before cleansing starts. This improves comfortable detoxification process within the body.There are three main techniques for preparation.
    a. Deepana & Pachana – Improving Appetite & Digestive Energy in the body b. Snehana – Application of Oil internally and externally b1. Grutha pana – Ghee Therapy b2. Abhyanga & dhara – Body Therapies with Oil c. Swedana – Sweating Treatments
  2. Pradhana Karma – Main Action
    There are the five cleansing treatment methods used for detoxification of body. ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Karma’ means actions. Vamana Karma – Emesis Therapy or Therapeutic Vomiting Virechana Karma – Purgation Treatment Nasya Karma – Nasal Cleaning Vasti Karma – Enema Therapy Raktha Mokshana – Blood Letting
  3. Pashchaath Karma – Post action
    There are various Treatments and Therapies that are administered after the completion of Cleansing treatments, to enhance the benefits of Panchakarma Treatment. Sansarjana Karma – Intensifying Treatments Rasayana, Vajeekarana – Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiac Treatments Shamana – Process of Palliation

The Programme

On Arrival – Doctors consultation
Resident Ayurveda Doctor will examine the guest on arrival and a welcome treatment in the form of an Ayurveda Therapy to relax the feet will be given. This is called “Pada Avagahanaya”or Foot in Oil Bath and “Pada Abyanga” or Foot Massage.

After a comprehensive medical examination the Chief Doctor/Senior Doctor will determine the body type and the Doshas and will prescribe an individual Ayurveda medical treatment plan to suit the needs of the guest.

The selection and the frequency of treatment will be as prescribed by the Chief Doctor. This treatment plan will be administered daily by an experienced team of well trained, friendly Therapists under the direct supervision of qualified resident Ayurveda doctors.

General Daily Programme


Other Treatments

Dhara Karma

Sweda Karma

Special Treatment