Tea Plucking

For the ultimate holiday souvenir, how about taking home a packet of tea that you picked yourself?
At Heritance Tea Factory we will deck you out in local attire – saree for the ladies, sarong for the gentlemen – and provide you with a basket in which to collect your leaves.
Then we will take you out to our organic tea fields and show you which leaves to pluck. You’ll find that it takes a bit of practice to make sure the leaves end up in your basket rather than on the floor!
Our professional tea pluckers will accompany you – you’ll be amazed at how efficiently and quickly they manage to fill their baskets by comparison. Luckily, we don’t expect you to produce the minimum 15kg a day that is their target!
Then we return to the Heritance Mini Tea Factory, where our chief tea taster, Nadaraj, will inspect your efforts. He will reject any leaves that are unsuitable, so you must pay attention when picking, or all your efforts will be in vain!
Nadaraj will take you on a tour of the Mini Tea Factory and explain the whole process, from the initial drying (withering) of the leaves, through rolling, fermenting and sifting, to produce the different types of tea.

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