From bittersweet to sour and spice, the wonders of flavour, both local and around the world are put together in one place. Poolside barbecues bring in the excitement during lunch and delectable dishes at the restaurant will make your day. As the night falls in, treat your taste buds to a delicious dinner and perhaps a comforting coffee. If you’ve got something to celebrate with a special someone, Heritance Ahungalla offers personalised dining options as well.

Jute Restaurant
Type :Main Restaurant
Type of Dining: "International Buffet A la Carte"
Location :In house
Mustard Coffee Shop
Type :Café
Type of Dining : A la Carte (light)
Location :In house
Upper Room Restaurant
Type :Fine Dining
Type of Dining: Mexican & Sri Lankan Fusion
Location :In house
Other Dining Options