Giving you the choice of some unique places to eat in Galle, we have some enticing dining options for you to pick from. So do ask our restaurant manager or the front desk for more details and reservations.
If you are with friends and family or in a large group and want a special theme night just for yourselves, we offer a special experience: anything from a fishermen’s village BBQ to a private beach party with a DJ.
The weather may not always share your enthusiasm for such plans, so do excuse us if some options are not available at certain seasons.


Savour a succulent steak under the stars, or some grilled lobster while the waves ripple at your feet; raise a glass to your private table on the beach.


So what makes Heritance cuisine so special? Dine with the Chef and find out for yourself. Take a look at how great dishes are brought to life. Share your likes and dislikes and let our Master Chef create a very personal menu just for you. Maybe you can entice him to share a few culinary secrets too.


Some days, we like to surprise you with a little extra with our special promotions. We set up a barbecue right by the infinity pool, so you don’t have to go far to sate your appetite during lunchtime and it does add a bit of excitement during dinner.

Other Dining Options
Dining Options