For those who would rather experience Negombo through exotic food, The Banyan is the place to begin your culinary and cultural journey. When offering more than just delicious food on a plate, The Banyan offers a wide choice of dishes with a lot of heart in them!
Sink your teeth into some of the most exquisite seafood dishes here prepared from the freshest ingredients off the shores of Negombo itself. If you just need a brief break, indulge in one of the island’s most relished drinks, why it’s Ceylon tea of course! Furthermore, taste some of the best cocktails spiced up with local arrack for the tasting.

Mad Dogs
Type :Fusion Restaurant
Dining Type :Fusion Pizza, Tapas & Wine Tasting
Location :Banyan
Capacity :136 pax
Swiss Bakery & Café
Name :Swiss Bakery & Café
Type :Bakery & Cafee
Type of Dining :French Style Confectionery
Location :Banyan
Rouge – Bar & Lounge
Type : Bar
Type of Dining : "Bar Snack Beverages"
Location : Banyan
Capacity : 120 pax