Heritance Aarah - Maldives Experiences

Answer the call of adventure echoing in the breeze, beckoning you to come and experience the thrills of the Indian Ocean. Dive to the depths where Maldives attractions take the form of colourful coral and marine life, ride the waves and feel a sense of pure freedom or sail the seas towards a new horizon.

Catamaran Sailing
Set sail on the high seas in search of new adventures
Dolphin/Turtle Cruise
Catch sight of dolphins and turtles swimming wild and free
Scuba Diving
Explore a vibrant underwater world full of marine treasures
Water Skiing
Enjoy the need for speed along the waves on an adrenaline-filled ride
Cocktail Making Master
Learn the secret tips from our cocktail mixologists in our Cocktail Making Class
Cooking Class
Take part in an expert cooking class and learn how to recreate the flavours
Snorkelling in the Maldives is sure to be a memorable experience