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Discover the Mysteries of Sri Lanka

Heritance Hotels and Resorts offers guests a unique perspective into the mysteries and magic of Sri Lanka with properties in five historic and picturesque locations. A stay with the Heritance brand is to experience the paradise island at its most original and intimate.
Guests can sink their toes into the golden sands that gave the island the ancient name of Thambapanni, get lost in time among the ruins of colonial forts and rejuvenate their senses through the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda. For more enriching discoveries, head into the highlands where tea estates blanket the hillsides, curled in mist and stand in awe among the gigantic monuments left behind by ancient kingdoms that once ruled over the Cultural Triangle.
With Heritance, guests will find themselves turning yet another chapter in the great tales of heritage and culture that made Sri Lanka the enchanting island it is today.
Minneriya / Kaudulla National Park-Heritance Kandalama
Aligala Caves-Heritance Kandalama