Tour duration is one hour
Lunuganga was Geoffrey Bawa’s own estate, where he experimented with his ideas about space, light, and scale for nearly 50 years. When he bought the land in 1948 it was a rubber plantation on a peninsula jutting out into a lake. Over the years, Bawa painstakingly reshaped the land and the vegetation to fulfill his vision, in one case slicing off the top of a hill to improve his view of the lake. Don’t expect a riot of flowers planted in neat borders. This is essentially a series of outdoor rooms with cleverly framed vistas – a Buddhist stupa on a hilltop, an artfully placed Grecian statue. Bawa continued to change and experiment with the spaces and structures throughout his life. Upon his death in 2003 the garden was left to the Lunuganga Trust and is now open to the public.

: 10.00AM – 5.00PM
OPEN DAILY : 9.30 AM, 11.30AM, 2.00 PM AND 3.30PM
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