Swimming Pools

A long invigorating swim when it’s all still and quiet early in the morning, a few hours of tanning on a sun lounge with your feet in the water – a book and a favourite drink by your side. Maybe a little lunch on the pool deck… At our luxury hotel in down south Sri Lanka, you have two beautiful swimming pools to while away your hours. Time is your own.

Points to note: Our pools are diligently attended to by lifeguards and pool attendants; however, we do request that you supervise your children closely. Swimwear is a must and taking alcohol while in the pool is not allowed for your own safety.

Infinity Pool
seamlessly connecting your eye from the lobby to the sky in hues of blue, our infinity pool is another ingenious concept of the master architect Geoffrey Bawa. Right from the moment you take your first dip, the edge of the pool simply merges with the waves of the ocean, making you feel that you are in the sea – and the beach in between is just a figment of your imagination.

Open: 8am – 8pm daily | Depth: 3.5ft – 9.2ft

Residents Pool
As our guest, this is your own haven to rest at ease in private. Set in a secluded area of the hotel grounds this resident’s only pool is a shady haven with sweeping tree branches dipping into the water, adding to the serene, natural ambience. Feeling peckish after a long swim? The Wall Bar by the pool serves drinks and snacks throughout the day so you don’t have far to go either.

Open: 8am – 8pm daily | Depth: 4ft – 5.11ft